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Social Jus­tice Foun­da­tion Was Reg­is­tered In 2014 Keep­ing The Broad­er & Mul­ti­di­men­sion­al Wel­fare  Goal Of Soci­ety By Means Of Strength­en­ing The Needy Sec­tions By Pro­vid­ing Required Help & Sup­port. Be Believe That The Large Part Of Indi­an Pop­u­la­tion Has emi­nence Poten­tial To Achieve Our Inte­grat­ed Nation­al Goals By Con­tribut­ing In Coun­try Growth Activ­i­ties. SJF Is Active Towards The Same direc­tion Since The Date Of It’s Ori­gin.


Mak­ing India World Leader By Empow­er­ing The Dif­fer­ent Sec­tions Of Populations.India Has Emence Poten­tial In Its Cit­i­zens To Make It World Leader.Our Vision Is To Empow­er & Skill  The Dif­fer­ent Sects Of Pop­u­la­tion So That Their Latent Capa­bil­i­ties Can Uti­lized In Nation Build­ing  Activ­i­ties In Faster Way.


Build­ing The Capa­bil­i­ty Of   Weaker/Needy Part Of Soci­ety &  Their Mem­bers, So That Their Skills Can Be Devel­oped And Uti­lized In dif­fer­ent Seg­ments On Large Scale To Achieve Our Nation­al Goals On Dif­fer­ent Glob­al Para­me­ters.


संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं ! सं वो मनांसि जानताम् !! Is Our Core Value.We At SJF India Believe That Human­i­ty Belongs When We Move Along With Others.Real Pros­per­i­ty Come When We devel­op Along With Oth­er. And An Ide­al Soci­ety & Coun­try Is Made By When We All Think Act & Move With All.



The Over­all Aim & Objec­tives Of SJF India Is Mak­ing  India Great Again By Help­ing The Needy Peo­ple To Strength­en Them So That Their Abil­i­ty & Tal­ent Can Be Uti­lized For Nation Build­ing Activ­i­ties.



Mr DS Mishra — Founder Direc­tor — Mr DS Mishra Is M Phar­ma Grad­u­ate & Ser­i­al Enter­prenuer. He Is A Renowned Social Activist And Believe To Nur­ture The Tal­ent For Mak­ing  Coun­try Great & Pros­per­ous.


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