Our Objects

i)To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness program and to make develop, build, promote Health care Centre for the underprivileged public and to create awareness about health issues, communicable diseases, importance of clean drinking water and to promote proper education and guidance to public through organising health campus and immunization programmes

ii)To work for rising awareness in the field of women health and hygiene and provide education to adolescents and teenagers about health and safety.

iii) to promote and develop slums rehabilitation and rural masses and to provide informal education through organisation of seminars and workshops.

iv) to establish set up, and maintain educational institutions like primary and secondary schools, Colleges like Nursing, Medical, Engineering College, Coaching Centers for MPSC, UPSC, Secondary And Higher Secondary Schools, vocational, industrial training centers and colleges with the objective of promoting welfare and elementary education and to promote Art, Science, literature and Commerce among the general messes and to help in the development of the adjacent area, to consult related to employment for unemployed students, women welfare activities.
v) To provide, promote, and encourage, protect, support for sports, Sports Education, Academy, clubs, sports activities on ground coaching, arranging tournaments in all the sports like Table Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Football.

vi) To promote agricultural activities like educating to farmers for how to plant, grow, produce and raise plantations of various forest species of proven untility and other agricultural activities like rain harvesting, water dropping technics , suicide prevention consultency for farmers, to get available the seeds fertilisers , machines, farming tools, farm products in low cost or free of cost, educating on projects related to waterhousing , Dairy, textile or any other.

vii) to implement any scheme of State or Central Government for the upliftment of the community.

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