We Believe That Only Skilled Pop­u­la­tion Can Take Their Nation On Height Of Suc­cess. So India Pop­u­la­tion Too Need The Skill Devel­op­ment Pro­grammes Like Sem­i­nar, Con­clave, Train­ing etc etc. SJF Give Top Pri­or­i­ty To Organ­ise Such Event Which Is Cost Effec­tive & Can Devel­op Micro Lev­el Strate­gic Exper­tise In Public.The Top Notch Qual­i­fied & Expert Trainers/Professionals Will Be Brought To Serve Nation By Con­tribut­ing Their Ser­vices To Nation Via Our Programmes.The Qual­i­ty Of These Skill devel­op­ment Sem­i­nars Will Not Be Less Than Any Pro­fes­sion­al & Com­mer­cial Sem­i­nar Which Is Most­ly Out Of Reach To Needy Peo­ple.



Approx 3.2 Mil­lion Reg­is­tered NGO Are In India.Here In Urban India 4 NGO & In Rur­al Area 2.3 NGO are avail­able on per 1000 Pop­u­la­tion which is high­er than avail­abil­i­ty Of Bed In Hos­pi­tal.

All NGO Col­lec­tive­ly Can Play A Major Role To Make India Great Again. Many Of Our Social Prob­lems Can Be Solved By The  effec­tive Con­tri­bu­tion Of Us Col­lec­tive­ly.

Most Of NGO are not able to per­form with their full effi­cien­cy because cost effec­tive Strate­gic Guide­lines & Sup­ports Are Not Avail­able To NGO.

SJF India Is Work­ing Seri­ous­ly To Improve Strate­gic Effi­cien­cy Of NGO By Means Of Pro­vide Strate­gic Support,Training By Experts That How They Can Growth Plan, Their Activities,Their Pro­mo­tion etc.For The Same Pur­pose Time To Time Dif­fer­ent Pro­grammes Will Be Announced By Us.

Since We Are Locat­ed In Cap­i­tal Of India,Many Of NGOs Whos reg­u­lar Vis­it To Del­hi Is Not Possible,Can Take Our Sup­port / Ser­vices For Their Work In Del­hi.



50%  Pop­u­la­tion Of India Is Of Women Hence Empow­er­ing  Women May Play A Key Role To Empow­er India.Women Pop­u­la­tion Needs A 360 Degree Sup­port & Uplift­ment For Their effec­tive Con­tri­bu­tion In All Filed From Pol­i­tics To Pow­er — From Home To  Office — From Kitchen To Fac­to­ry — From Small Shop To Cor­po­rate Sec­tor etc etc.For Same We will Bring Such an Inno­v­a­tive Pro­gramme Which Can Devel­op Real Skill In Women.


Jus­tice Is the key fac­tor for  hap­py & Sat­is­fied Society.But Due To Cer­tain Rea­son A Large Part Of Pop­u­la­tion Is Still Far Away To Avail Justice.For The Same Pur­pose SJF India Is Devel­op­ing A Chain Of Qual­i­fied Lay­ers Who Can Pro­vide Legal Sup­port To Needy Vic­tims Across India.


Chil­dren Are Future Of Country.Only Healthy Chil­dren Can Make The Nation Future Strong.Unfortunately Chil­dren Are Fac­ing Abus­es From all Cor­ner weath­er it is health,diseases,Education,Social evils & Bad Behav­ior etc etc. A 360 Degree Pro­tec­tion Ini­tia­tive  is utmost required For Child safe­ty, education,Health Care.SJF India Is ded­i­cat­ed To Work 360 Degree To Pro­vide a Healthy Envi­ron­ment To Nation’s Chil­dren By Its Activ­i­ties.


130 Crores Pop­u­la­tion May Be Trans­formed into World’s Strongest Assets But With­out Prop­er Edu­ca­tion & Skill devel­op­ment The Same Pop­u­la­tion Becomes A Bur­den Over The Nation What The Prob­lem Today Nation Is Facing.Imagine If This Pop­u­la­tion Is well edu­cat­ed & Skilled enough,This Can Change The Sce­nario Of Not Only Our Own Coun­try But The Sce­nario Of Entire Globe.Remember & Rec­og­nize That Only Strength Of devel­oped Nation Is That There Large Part Of Pop­u­la­tion Is Well edu­cat­ed & Skilled.The Only Mantra To Make Our Nation Great Again Is Edu­ca­tion & Skill Devel­op­ment By TALENT PROTECTION — TALENT ATTRACTION ‑a unique Con­cept On which SJF India Is work­ing seriously.Imagine The Future GDP Con­tri­bu­tion To World Econ­o­my By Skilled Pop­u­la­tion Of India ?


India Has Great Tal­ent Poten­tial. But Poor Sys­tem To Rec­og­nize Nur­ture & Uti­lize These Tal­ent With­in Coun­try For Nation Building.Hence Most Of Tal­ent Migrate To For­eign Country.SJF India Is Seri­ous To Iden­ti­fy Tal­ent & To devel­op A “Tal­ent Pool” Across Country.We will Pro­mote These Tal­ent By Sup­port­ing Them So That Tal­ent Migra­tion Must Be Min­i­mized & Reverse Migra­tion Can Be Induced So That For­eign Tal­ent Must Come India To Work In India. In This Way SJF Ambi­tious Plan Is Mak­ing India Pre­ferred Des­ti­na­tion To Work In All Filed Weath­er It Is Pri­vate Sec­tor Job,Hi-tech Research etc etc.

In The Same way If Any For­eign Tal­ent Or Indi­an Migrat­ed Tal­ent Want To Come Back India Or NRI Enter­pruners Wants To Come Back India We Will Sup­port Them To Get estab­lished In India By Pro­vid­ing Strate­gic A‑Z Sup­port By Our Experts.

IN Past, There Was A Time When India Was Gold Mine To Pro­duce The Tal­ent In All Filed Due To Its Unique Tal­ent Pro­tec­tion System,India Has Made­S­ome Great­est Inven­tion Of India Civ­i­liza­tion Like Inven­tion Of Zero,Invention Of Surgery etc etc. “Tal­ent Pro­tec­tion & Tal­ent Attrac­tion” Is Unique Con­cep­tu­al & micro Strate­gic Ini­tia­tive Of SJF India Which Was Nev­er Con­sid­er By Either Of Any Pri­vate Sec­tor Or NGO.

How We Will Work & Exe­cute For This &To Know  It’s Amaz­ing Ben­e­fits To Nation Via “Tal­ent Pro­tec­tion — Tal­ent Attrac­tion” Pro­gramme Click & Read More http://sjfindia.org.in/talent-protection-talent-attraction/


An Ambi­tious Dream Of SJF India — To Recog­nise The Tal­ent Lying Across India- To Recog­nise Such Tal­ent To Make A Group To Inter Con­nect Them With Right Plat­form & Oppor­tu­ni­ty So That Every Tal­ent Must Be Utilised For  Nation Build­ing Activ­i­ties at It’s Full Pace.







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